Use energy efficiently

Enerjimi Koruyorum is a mobile strategy game with hidden object elements.

The objective of the game is to increase energy efficiency awareness among children.

Game features

  • Build your energy city.
  • Visit homes and improve their energy efficiency through mini-games.
  • Complete energy efficiency missions.
  • Discover new areas and buildings to expand your energy city.


  • Play Store link:
  • App Store link:
  • Enerjimi Koruyorum is a mobile strategy game developed for a client in energy industry, and was developed by no-pact.
  • We used agile development methods for this project.
  • My contribution on the project:
    • I was the lead developer of this project.
    • I designed and developed the software architecture.
    • I designed, developed, integrated, tested and delivered features such as:
      • Mission system
      • Progression system
      • Notification system
      • In-game economy
      • City building system
      • Mini-games
      • UI
      • Facebook share
      • Gameplay features
      • Asset bundling feature
      • Mobile optimizations
    • I contributed on game design tasks such as:
      • Client brief to game design document
      • Mini-games design
      • UI flow design
      • In-game economy balancing
    • I attended the meetings with the client.