Hat Trick Header brings you all the fun of football headers without the head trauma!

Unique gameplay

  • Your head is the controller: swing it and drive incoming footballs towards targets.
  • Opt for a calm play style or swing your head quickly to drive the ball faster.
  • Designed from scratch for VR.

Discover three locations in Brazil

  • Play at the Training Grounds where football stars are born.
  • Head on to the Copacabana beach where the warm Brazilian sun and the Atlantic breeze welcome you.
  • Step onto the pitch of the legendary Maracana stadium.

Play challenging levels

  • Play 18 levels with unique target sets and varying degrees of difficulty. Even football pros will find it challenging to strike some targets.
  • Hit targets of different value in carefully handcrafted levels. Chase after the valuable moving targets by memorizing their patterns. Hurry up and hit the timed targets before they disappear for good.
  • Keep up a hit streak, unlock the Super Ball and beat that old high score!

Challenge your friends in Local Multiplayer mode

  • This is where the fun really begins! Invite your friends over and challenge them.
  • Play locally with up to four players in hot seat mode for domination. Hat Trick Header will be the life of your party!


  • Steam link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/487730/
  • Hat Trick Header is an arcade game for VR, developed by no-pact.
  • My contribution on the project:
    • Implemented local multiplayer mode.
    • Implemented and optimized UI system for VR.