Vibration is the essence of the universe. It emerges, gives power, it is the soul. Enjoy this competitive local multiplayer game with your friend! Grab your controller / keyboard, and try to capture the pulse generators in deep space! Two hotseat players control the pulsars on the space board. Pulsars are emitted from the sources, and are controlled by moving them clockwise/counterclockwise. You have to capture the pulse generators to increase your points. The goal is to capture as much pulse generators as possible to beat your opponent. But beware, controlling pulsars becomes harder as you take control of the pulse generators. Also, you have to avoid the pulses emited from the opponent’s pulse generators.


  • Ali Demiralp
  • Arda Cevik
  • Emre Kayalan
  • Erhan Kabakci


  • Pulsar was developed during Global Game Jam ’13, Istanbul (BUG).